New Sentia design now live and why we moved away from Wordpress

10 Sep 2013, by Michael Cindrić

Finally we have launched our new site.

Our old site a was a great site built of the back of the powerful Wordpress blogging engine. The only issue is customising it all the time became a pain. Don't get me wrong Wordpress was great if you build a custom theme once and never really touch it again, but is just became to much of a pain to maintain and develop on it constantly and well its built in php and we prefer Ruby on Rails

Other drawbacks included

  • Speed

  • General Maintainence

  • Overall size of the application

  • Server Resources

Now sure you can solve or improve on these wordpress issues, but its never just quite right. So we decided to using the latest technology like we do for our clients and build a custom website that is mobile responsive and super super fast.

Our old site with caching would load in about 2-4 seconds which is pretty good by any standards. Our new site loads in 200-400 milliseconds which is amazing and you almost have to double you are on the right page because if you blinks its there.

Will will be posting some of the techniques we used to achieve this performance and some tips about migrating from wordpress in upcoming blog posts so be sure to come back and check them out

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